How To Choose An Aircraft Mechanic?


To ensure that every flight of an aircraft will land safely, it is crucial to take care of its mechanical components. However, many are wondering on what type of aircraft mechanic must be called on? Here, you'll learn about a quick guide of the various types of aviation mechanics that are set by the FAA Safety Briefing.

Choosing a mechanic for aircraft at this website is usually connected to the work that the plane requires. But the thing is, it is almost impossible to know it until the problem is diagnosed. Normally, there are 3 mechanics being called for airplanes and these professionals are A&P or Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic, IA or Inspection Authorization endorsed mechanic and FAA certified repair station.

A&P - such professionals are usually called for doing routine maintenance of the aircraft such as ping corrosion under control, repairing minor structural damage and examining engines, conducting 100 hour inspections, repairing and replacing defective parts. In order to become a certified A&P aircraft mechanic, it is a must for one to be at least 18y.o. can read, speak and write English and acquired 18 months of practical experience either for power plant certification or airframe or 30 months of practical experience for both.

IA - basically, this is an FAA licensed A&P mechanic. The only exception with them however is, they have the additional endorsement from inspection authorize issued on FAA form 8310-5. As such, this said professional is authorized in performing progressive and even annual aircraft inspections on top of the maintenance as well as alterations compared to non-authorized A&Ps. The advantage of being such is, you can have your repair work done and even sign off paperwork all at the same time which can help you save money and time, visit website here!

Aside from doing inspections, the IAs can also sign for the service of aircraft after carrying out major repairs such as replacement or repair of major control surfaces, wing, spars and tail surface brace struts, major repairs to the poweplant and so on.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Station aka MRO - say for example that your aircraft needs to undergo major repairs on some of its complex components like auxiliary power units, landing gear assemblies, reciprocating and turbine engines, a good move that can be done here is by contacting a repair station or otherwise known as MRO.

Keep in mind that any good repair station should be authorized for doing complex repairs similar to electronics and avionics overhauls, mechanical actuators, carburetors, has experienced aircraft mechanics and of course, proper certification.